In Memoriam: Sipke de Wal (collection disposition)

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Fri May 14 15:44:31 2004

I do believe that it would need to be signed, etc. I can't remember
exactly what the lawyer(s) told me, but they said that I could just make
a list and attach it to the will, both my copy and the lawyer's copy.
I can't remember if he signed it and it was witnessed or not. I suppose
it's time to update it again to protect my two new (old) DEC acquisitions.

- A

P.S. Ok, Brits and others, what's IANAS ?

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> On Fri, 14 May 2004, Ashley Carder wrote:
> > I've been through several iterations of wills over the years, and I make
> > effort to have an "addendum" or "attachment" that lists individual items
> > collections of items and the person that they are to go to. I have
> <...>
> > I will admit that I don't always keep my list up to date, but this is a
> > way to do things and is perfectly legal, or so my lawyer friends tell
> > You can change the list as things in your life change. Just get rid of
> > old list and attach the new one to all copies of the will.
> Hmm. What's to stop your evil twin from attaching an addendum listing
> that all your underwear will go to him? It would seem to me that your
> attaching an addendum would have to be done in the presence of a lawyer.
> But, IANAS (for the Brits ;)
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