TCP/IP setup under Ultrix on an 11/84...

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Sat May 15 12:32:22 2004

We have a usable RA81 drive for the PDP 11/84 now (whoo!) and stuck
Ultrix (3.1.1) on there earlier.

The machine has a DELUA Ethernet board in it - not the DEUNA or DEQNA
boards mentioned in any of the docs that we have.

Anyone know if the board is supported with that release of Ultrix? If
so, presumably a kernel rebuild is needed to enable support as it won't
be built into the installed kernel?

We added in the optional TCP/IP code during system install, but info on
the 'net as to how to get networking up and running on these machines
seems very thin on the ground. I found the 'netsetup' script but of
course that still doesn't give us an actual device in /dev for the

Any ideas anyone?


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