Need help with Sparc-1 (SUN)

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Sat May 15 16:59:38 2004

Hi Joe,

>>Recently acquired an old Sun SPARCstation-1.
>>Can't get it to boot from CD.

> A lot of the older SGIs and Suns required that the CD drive DEFAULT to
>512 bytes/block or else they won't work. The newer systems issue a SCSI
>command to the drive to set it to 512 bytes/block but the older ones didn't
>issue the command and if the drive didn't default to that then you wouldn't
>work. On some drives like the Toshiba 3401s you could change the jumpers
>to control the number of bytes/block that it defaulted to. Just a quess
>but I could be completely wrong.

Thanks! That was exactly the problem. Dug around in my parts and found a
Toshiba 3401 and cut the required traces to make it default to 512 byte
blocks, and the machine booted right up - installing from the CD as I
type (and it looks like it going to take a while....)


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