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From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sat May 15 19:19:19 2004

Tony Duell wrote:

>> The thread pitch and diameter of the worm drive is different. That
>>actually matters, since the more expensive adjustables can be rebuilt.
> You mean there are some you can't get parts for. I guess those are the
> sort of tools I wouldn't consider owning.


>> You also can't use a metric crescent on SAE nuts.
> One of my adjustables (yes, I do admit to owning one :-)) has a scale
> along the boddy with a line on the moving jaw. This gives the jaw
> opening, of course. I've only ever seen them calibrated in mm (which
> makes it a 'metric adjustable spanner', I guess...)

   I had a '69 Triumph T100C - single-carb 500cc twin - that was SAE on
body parts, metric on engine peripherals and drive-train, and the engine
itself was all Whitworth. I spent more on tools than I did on parts
with that bike.

   I used my 4" Snap-On crscent a lot, too. :\

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