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Date: Sat May 15 23:59:22 2004

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> > Does any type of archival-quality toner exist? After a few years, the
> > pages from some laser printouts to stick together and some of the
> > toner comes off onto the pages opposite, so this sort of defeats
> > using acid-free paper.
> The problem is that the toner never penetrates the fibres of the
> paper, as inks do. The actual toner material is apparently very stable,
> but because of the bonding problem, no right minded archivest can
> recommend toner based printouts.
> William Donzelli
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If your thinking of having printouts that last your lifetime I would think a
laser printer using standard photocopying paper (has a smooth side to it
that the toner sticks on) would work just fine. Best method of saving
manuals is to digitize them and transfer them to new media every 10-20yrs in
a format that can be read at the time of transfer. In a hundred years the
world will be speaking and writing Hindu or whatever dialect is popular in
China and India so anything you save wont be appreciated by anybody but the
mandarin Indiana Jones type archeologist anyway.
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