Helping a Neighbor - Need Syquest SyJet (IDE) Driver SQATDRVR.SYS (DOS)

From: Patrick <>
Date: Sun May 16 11:50:16 2004

> Patrick, a google search results in a number of sites that suggest
> that they have a driver. Have you checked them?

Don, I checked a number of them before posting here. Among those I checked,
there were predominantly (1) listings that claimed to have the DOS driver
but in fact were Win95 drivers with nothing for DOS but a README suggestion
to use BIOS settings, which doesn't work since she wants to use the drive as
removeable, and (2) registration required, which I eschewed for the
likelihood of spam. One even required that I install a special downloader
(purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge was optional, however).

So, I was hoping that someone on list would have it.

Patrick :-)
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