Newton & bernoulli parallel to scsi adapter.

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Date: Sun May 16 12:03:26 2004

I have two items to sell for 10 a piece, you pay for shipping:

Newton the original type (H1000), has slipcover pouch (fair) has a
small hole. Newton's battery cartridge has small
bits broken off but functional for testing. Newton itself is working
but beeper is silent (couldn't find where speaker wiring goes to
system board), condition of casing is fair (scuffed and few
scratches, light scratches on the LCD but no crack or missing pixels.
Doesn't have pens and flip cover and no power supply.

Parallel to SCSI bernoulli adapter (model PPA-I) with original HP
parallel cable has hunk of grounding strap at centronics end.
Excellent condition and known working. This adapter works off 5V
source from external bernoulli 90 box's fused jack.

Shipping via USPS ground or air from ontario, canada.


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