From: Steven Canning <>
Date: Sun May 16 16:51:06 2004


I would be happy to pay postage plus some beer money for the manual. I have
a "working" COSMAC in my hobby lab. It would be nice to have the manual. I
am in So California. If this sounds good I can send you a mailing address
"offline" and we can swap info. Thanks a bunch !

Best regards, Steven

P.S. You are correct in that it builds anything but character !

I just moved my lab (ugh) and all it's contents (kilopounds), and
inevitably paused to look at junk along the way, and found my RCA COSMAC
DEVELOPMENT KIT manual. It's got a hex listing (remember those) for a
tiny BASIC for the 1802.

If it's not already commonly available I'll (postal) mail a copy so's
you can have all the true vintage experience of typing in hex dumps then
finding the errors.

I quite distinctly recall the abominable process of typing in ANIMALS or
somesuch nonsense from the SWTP docs way back when. Ugh. Wouldn't wish
it on anyone, and no, it did not build character.
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