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From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon May 17 09:35:00 2004

>>>>> "Geoffrey" == Geoffrey Thomas <> writes:

 Geoffrey> In my current CPC catalogue Multicore offer "high" and
 Geoffrey> "low" melting point solder. The low melts at 179*C and the
 Geoffrey> high at 301*C. My old Weller iron had the following bit
 Geoffrey> temperatures :-

 Geoffrey> no.6 315*C no.7 370*C no.8 430*C

Mine are all number 7 (700 degrees F). That seems to be the default.

 Geoffrey> I find myself using around 320*C for standard 60/40 - with
 Geoffrey> no real justification except I've found it to work - and it
 Geoffrey> matches the temp of bit 6. I have some old HMP solder
 Geoffrey> which I use on bits that get hot ( repairs on poorly
 Geoffrey> designed tv's) which requires a bit temp. of 356*C - I used
 Geoffrey> to use bit no. 7 for that , before I got MY
 Geoffrey> temp. controlled iron - wouldn't be without it now! I
 Geoffrey> think that modern solders have lower melting points than
 Geoffrey> the stuff I have a lot of , your best bet would be to give
 Geoffrey> Multicore a ring and ask them directly. You must have an
 Geoffrey> old solder as well , -all the labels on mine faded long
 Geoffrey> ago.

63/37 is the optimal tin/lead alloy; its melting point is a little
lower than 60/40 alloy.

With the current anti-lead movement, it's anybody's guess what will
happen to solder melting points. I get the impression that they are
going up, not down.

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