RSTS/E and PDP 11/23

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon May 17 13:53:13 2004

>>>>> "bill" == bill bailey <> writes:

 bill> Here's one person's notes: 1983 April-RSTS/E Version
 bill> 8.0-06. Support for the recently announced PDP Micro 11/23
 bill> system (RD51 10 megabyte disk, 2*RX50 400K byte floppies, 128K
 bill> words memory).


Oh my goodness... that takes me back... (I thought it was a 100th
birthday article -- but in any case, that article or one very much
like it was presented at the RSTS 20th birthday celebration at New
Orleans DECUS.)

Thanks Bill!

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