RSTS/E and PDP 11/23

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon May 17 14:23:04 2004

>>>>> "Ashley" == Ashley Carder <> writes:

 Ashley> Paul, you probably know the answer to this. I've seen this
 Ashley> site before and wondered where the line is that separates
 Ashley> fact from fiction. Somewhere around 1990, obviously, but the
 Ashley> line has been craftily blurred by the author of this 100th
 Ashley> birthday thing. I have done studied my DEC / RSTS / PDP-11
 Ashley> history enough to pick out anything that is fictitious prior
 Ashley> to stuff in the early 90s. Is everything up to 1990 fact?


As far I can tell, yes, pretty much. That fits, because it was
written for the 20th birthday bash.

There may be some historical errors. For example, I don't know if
RSTS has any relationship to IOX. I rather doubt it (but I've never
seen the IOX sources, and I only barely glanced at the docs around 30
years ago...) The cultural heritage is TSS-8, from what I've heard,
though I can't confirm that from personal knowledge either.

The change from .CIL to .SIL happened with RSTS V5B...

TECO did appear -- as a real RTS, not as two Basic programs -- in

Some of the fantasy items have a connection to reality:
- There wasn't a Unix RTS, but Bob Fraser ported csh to RSTS.
- Basic for RT11 supported line numbers up to 65532.
- Directory and data cache can be displayed with SDA.

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