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Date: Mon May 17 15:27:12 2004

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> > >> In a hundred years the world will be speaking and writing Hindu or
> > >> whatever dialect is popular in China and India
> On Mon, 17 May 2004, Paul Koning wrote:
> > Correct -- English is, by far, the most widely understood language in
> > the world. (In other words, counting both first and second language
> > skills.)
> English is, indeed, the CURRENT Linqua Franca.
> I agree that it will likely take more than "a hundred years" for that to
> change, but NOT that it can't change.

It all comes from who owns the trade markets at the time. For a long time
England and then the US controlled the market flow of raw materials and
money/finished goods so everybody who wanted to trade had to learn English
and then American slang. Since quite a bit of the raw materials and
manufacturing is going on in India, Taiwan, and China these days (seen quite
a few advertisements years back for people that knew injection molding and
could speak fluent mandarin), I figure there will be a shift sooner or later
to another language (even if its English with Chinese slang). Once the shift
takes place it will probably take 3 generations for a major change, so yea
maybe 100 years is a bit optimistic but 150 years is not. Things change
rapidly these days, how long was Latin the deFacto standard?
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