Sun Ultra 1 questions

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon May 17 15:31:59 2004

> >Finally, any clue as to whether the Apple SCSI CDROM I got will work in
> >the Ultra? It's a 1993 vintage drive, an "AppleCD 300 Plus". If not, I
> >do have a SCSI drive that'll do both 512 and 2048 block sizes, but it's
> >in a running machine at the moment...
> Ok, with solaris 7 and newer it -should- be able to boot. Ultras are still
> supported in solaris 8 IIRC and you can get it free from sun (download ISO
> images and burn them)

Are you talking about the OS ignoring the whole 512-byte issue, or what? I
don't know what the minimum supported OS for an Ultra 1 is, but I know that
it should be prior to 2.5.1 (I know 2.5.1 will run on an Ultra 10).

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