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From: Ethan Dicks <dickset_at_amanda.spole.gov>
Date: Mon May 17 19:59:59 2004

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 05:09:29PM -0700, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> Being that most everytime I hear about this Hamvention it gets rained out,
> why don't these folks move this event to a later date, like June?

It's Ohio... it rains plenty in June, too, plus it's hotter (plus more
heat equals more thunderstorms as opposed to simple rain).

When I was in high-school, the Hamvention was in April... it rains
then, too...

Unlike California, we don't have a rainy season and a dry season... if
it's outdoors, on any given month, there's a good chance for some flavor
of precipitation... what changes is if it's liquid or solid.


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