DEC RK07 drive interface specs wanted

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Tue May 18 09:19:57 2004

Where are guys like this now? Do any of them participate
in "classic computer" activities, or have they moved on to
other things, such as fishing or woodworking? The hobbyists
sure could use guys like this from time to time, I would think.


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> >>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:
> >> [%] I don't usually like to use phrases like "field circus" (or
> >> "salesdroid" or similar denigratory mutations), but in this case
> Tony> I don't know why you avoid such terms. They are sadly all too
> Tony> appropriate.
> Like many stereotypes, they have some basis in reality. Not
> necessarily a large basis, though.
> I remember our first PDP11 field service tech (circa 1973), a
> gentleman named Jim Newport. His skills were amazing.
> As was usual in those days, he'd repair broken electronics by
> replacing the offending IC. But that's not all...
> We had an RC64 drive that was acting up. He hadn't ever worked on one
> but he volunteered to give it a try. Spread out the schematics,
> poked around, diagnosed the problem as a bad motor bearing. Rather
> than hit us for a new motor from DEC (the system wasn't under
> contract) he took it to Appleton Electric Motor company, where they
> replaced the bearing, and it was good as new.
> Then we had an RF64 drive that had a "clock track error". No kidding
> -- the platter wasn't spinning. He took it apart, discovered that a
> head had crashed and melted, sticking to the platter. So he ordered a
> pile of parts (this one *was* under contract). Replaced all the
> heads, aligned them, replaced the platter, reformatted the drive, and
> put it all back together. Worked like a champ ever since.
> So remember there are techs like that out there, just as there are
> clueless ones.
> paul
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