DECmate II

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue May 18 18:32:54 2004

> Another item that will be leaving my collection (mostly because I never
> did anything with it) is a DECmate II - the micro version of the PDP-8
> (Intersil 6120 based, I think). A couple of questions, as I would like to
> test the thing out before I offer it to anyone.
> 1) Whay kind of video is "video"? Some sort of odd tube? Whatever it is, I

The DA15 video connector on the DECmate II (and Rainbow, Pro 3xx series)
carries the signals for an LK201 keyboard (the one used with the VT220,
etc terminal), a 12V power output to run a mono monitor, and composite
video. (RS170 -- I think that's the right standard -- US TV anyway). The
Pro and 'bow support a colour video card (I have no idea if the DECmate
does), and then you also get RGB (sync-on-green) video on this connector.
I can find a pinout if you're interested.

> don't have it so I am hoping the box supports a dumb terminal.
> 2) Will I boot this up from a dumb terminal (VT100, my guess)? What are
> the specifics?

AFAIK you can't use a dumb terminal on a DECmate.

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