DECmate II

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Date: Tue May 18 21:42:18 2004

I'm not sure, but if it is like the pro and vaxstations, etc. there should
be dumb terminal support but would require a special cable/adapter that is
rs323 with a couple pins tied together to define it as a console. If you
have a H8571-b mmj adapter I think that works.

if you can't find/make a console cable, let me know and perhaps I can look
it up the weekend.

of course you can always use the cpu to make one of bob's SBC6120s if the
computer is bad...


> Another item that will be leaving my collection (mostly because I never
> did anything with it) is a DECmate II - the micro version of the PDP-8
> (Intersil 6120 based, I think). A couple of questions, as I would like
> to test the thing out before I offer it to anyone.
> 1) Whay kind of video is "video"? Some sort of odd tube? Whatever it
> is, I don't have it so I am hoping the box supports a dumb terminal.
> 2) Will I boot this up from a dumb terminal (VT100, my guess)? What are
> the specifics?
> This machine is in decent condition, with an RX50 and a hard disk of
> some sort. I have no manuals.
> William Donzelli
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