New pictures; UYK-20 Computer and Millennium uProcessor System tester

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed May 19 07:45:14 2004

   I've added some more pictures to my website. The first ones are of one
of the UYK-20 computers. These were made by Sperry Rand and are militry
versions of the Univac and use core memory.
<>. The other pictures
<> are of the Millennium
microproccessor tester that was discussed here a few weeks ago. I took
these pictures in a hurry and they aren't real good, particularly the ones
of the Millennium. It was in the back of a dark warehouse and the pictures
show it. One item of interest on the Millennium is the pullout drawer on
the side. It has the CPU and all of the CPU spcific items on it. In other
words, you can change it from an 8080 system to a 6800 system by merely
changeing that drawer. I have two of these and IIRC one is 6800 and the
other is 8080 based.

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