Nintendo GameBoy a valid discussion topic now?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed May 19 12:02:14 2004

> >While digging around in the basement last night I found my old Nintendo
>>GameBoy, with a 1999 manufacture date. That makes it 15 years old.
> >Does this now make it a classic?

I think it's a true Classic, but am not sure how on topic it is.

> >The interesting thing is that the old 1999 GameBoy games will play in
>>my six year old's brand new 2004 Gameboy Advanced SP.
>Shall we presume you meant 1989, or are you counting in a different base?
>1999 - 2004 is 5 years, not 15.

I'm pretty sure that's what he meant :^) I got my first Gameboy in
1989, along with three of the four carts that were originally
released, just before leaving on a six month cruise in the Navy.
Awesome device, especially for Sailors :^) I had to replace it in
the early 90's when the screen went out (I still have that one though
last I checked the screen was going). My wife and I bought the
original Gameboy Advance about a week before it came out, and we each
have our own GBA SP.

Oddly enough, both the mini and color models are missing from our
collection of video game systems. Come to think of it, we don't have
any of the Color Carts either.

BTW, we found that with the original Gameboy Advance, which didn't
have the backlite screen, that my original carts played better than
the GBA carts as they were easier to see.


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