Beehive: was Lear Siegler ADM3 terminals

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed May 19 14:16:29 2004

   I have one but mine doesn't have that dished out look and it does have a
detachable keyboard. I'll see about taking a picture of in a day or two
when the weather is better.


At 03:04 PM 5/19/04 -0400, you wrote:
>At 02:23 PM 5/19/04, you wrote:
>>I also have been looking for a particular mini-beehive terminal. Not sure of
>>the exact model, I'd have to see a picture. Trying to get one like the one I
>>used in high school for HP2000/Access. I do remember is was a brownish/cream
>>color, the keyboard was a separate unit but fit in front into a recess so it
>>was not always obvious it was a separate unit. I think one or two of the
>>keys (maybe caps lock) had an led in the side.
>I have a scanned photo of a Beehive terminal from a manual at
>However, this one doesn't look like the keyboard detaches.
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