Lear Siegler ADM3 terminals

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Wed May 19 18:32:45 2004

>That depends on which DEC world you circulated in... there's been a termcap
>entry for the ADM 3A in UNIX for as far back as my experience goes.
>I don't recall seeing them at all in non-university or non-UNIX settings,
>though. DEC terminals cost enough that in the notoriously cheap educational
>market, people gave serious consideration to other forms of terminals (I
>have reciepts from the early-to-mid-1980s for VT100s at around $1,700 each,
>which is why Software Results had a mix of DEC terminals and CiTOH terminals,
>'101's and '101e's).

The ADM3 did not perform cursor addressing, which the ADM3A did, making the 3A
much more useful in many applications - I don't think there would be a termcap
entry for a 3.

Btw, on the off chance that these are 3A's, I'll mention that I have detailed
photos of one, as well as PDF's of both the operators and service manuals posted
on my web site: http://www.parse.com/~ddunfield/museum/index.html

Look under the "Altair 8800" entry (I use a 3A on the Altair).

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