HP computers / test gear in Chicago

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed May 19 18:37:57 2004

> I see a HP 9820 or 30 in the pile, not to mention a HP 9825 and a HP 86. I

It looked like a 9820 to me, and yes, either a 9825 or a 9831 with the
chicklet keyboard. At first I thought one of the other objects was a
9100 (Seen fro mteh back), but I think it's actually a plotter.

> want to go but it is too far. Looks like a great sale!!!!

It's even further for me... Darn it, I want a 9820 to complete the set of
3 machines...

> If anyone goes please post a report. It looks well worth going.
> Look for very old large 200 & 400 channel dataloggers. I have pulled a lot of
> core memory stacks from those.

One of the Fluke loggers -- the 2240 IIRC -- and no I didn't see one in
the pile -- used multiple 4040 CPUs.

> Some of the tube stuff will have tubes that are worth more than the
> instruments.

Please don't do this. These are generally good instruments, better than
the sort of stuff most hobbyists have. Get them, restore them,
recalibrate them, and use them. I'd much rather use an old Tekky 500
series 'scope than the Lucky Goldstar crap that's sold over here (so
called I guess, because you're lucky if the trace bears any relation to
the signal you're measuring). Ditto for signal generators, DMMs, etc.

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