Trade? Power Mac 8500 for IBM PS/2 model 60/65SX or 80 tower.

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Date: Wed May 19 18:00:39 2004

Want to trade my working Power Mac 8500/200 with few goodies in it.

200MHz cpu card, 176MB, 256K cache stick, 4MB vram (all four slots
filled), 2.1GB SCSI non-apple rom but formatted & bootable. 2x
speed CDROM apple rom. Working.

Has A/V personality card. (RCA ports Video and stereo in and out,
S-video and one other special AV plug).
The PCI slots is waiting to be filled.

What I want to trade that Mac for:

One PS/2 tower any of PS/2 model 60, 65SX or 80 (16, 20 or 25MHz
doesn't matter). What I need go with that tower:

Rails for the FH 5.25" HDs or rack to hold two 5.25" HDs, one 1.44MB
floppy (can be sick or working) Parts to mount cdrom drive.
Hopefully to get but not required: MCA adapter that holds 2.5"
laptop HD or MCA to IDE adapter card. Also would like a ESDI MCA
card (that one that can support any ESDI not just IBM ESDI drives up
to 1GB, I got couple of monster ESDI HDs.

Did third-party built memory modules that adapts standard
parity SIMMs? Then I would like a pair but I can make do with my
pair of 4MB module cards for my loose 80 system board except I have
no case or power supply to stuff the parts in.

Ebay route I'm not interested.

Thanks & Cheers,


PS: I also have most of parts for 90 XP except no case.
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