Manual for HP 82928A System Monitor?

From: Vassilis Prevelakis <>
Date: Thu May 20 03:18:06 2004

82928A System monitor:
    Provides the necessary hardware to aid in developing and debugging
    assembly language programs for HP Series 80 Personal Computers. The HP
    00085-15007 (or 00087-15007), 82928A and 82929A form a complete set of

The 82928A System monitor is described in the HP85 Assembler ROM
manual. This manual is currently available on the MoHPC CDROM
( collection (if you are interested in the 85
then purchasing the MpHPC collection should be a priority as it also
contains the 85 service manual).

Somebody has promised me a scan of the 85 assembler manual, so it
should appear shortly in the site as well.

Last but certainly not least is John Shadbolt's site

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