Equipment disposal

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Thu May 20 05:21:13 2004

Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> * Symbolics 3650 (heavy)
> * 2 extra color memory boards
> * extra 2MW memeory board
> * Monitor & keyboard

I'd like these. I'm on the wrong coast, but I may be able to arrange
for storage. At the very least I can pay for the shipping of the
Monitor, and memory boards.

If someone else is severely interested and can use them, I'll defer, but
I have several Symbolics machines and between me and the Rhode Island
Retro-computer folks we could use the memory and monitor.

What city/town are you in ? (I seem to recal Berkeley?)

How much do you want for them?


Brad Parker
Heeltoe Consulting
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