Nintendo GameBoy a valid discussion topic now?

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Thu May 20 09:34:16 2004

Nintendo seems to base their handhelds on their previous generation
handhelds. The original GameBoy was, mostly, a NES with a black-and-white
screen. The GBA is, mostly, a SNES.

Gameboys are great fun for hacking on. There are open source development
kits and languages out, the hardware is *very* well documented, and there
are tons of third party expansion and adapter cards.

There's the GameBoy Robot:

and the GameBoy Music club:

and a PDA for your GameBoy Color, including, ahem, an "Advanced Phone
Dialer" app :)

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> > It's a Z80 processor in there, isn't it?
> AFAIK, yes.
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