HP computers / test gear in Chicago

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Thu May 20 17:16:32 2004

ACtually, there is far more interest in the parts than the whole instrument.

I've attempted to GIVE AWAY a working Tek 547 with 3 or 4 plug-ins and
the original 'scopemobile' cart.

Zero takers.

But there IS a small fortune in tubes in there. There is a vast and
growing interest
in designing and building tube circuits these days. Even I got bitten
by this bug
and built a pair of radio receivers using tubes (not taken from the scope).

Many of the needed parts for this sort of work are no longer made and any
existing new old stock parts now carry hefty prices. The best solution
is to
take this fine, grand old test gear, and strip it for parts.

Better that the hard-to-get parts are preserved (and used) then the
whole instrument
goes to the dump. This is clearly a lesser of two evils situation, but
when the gear
cannot be given away, it is the best option.

David V. Corbin wrote:

>>>>Some of the tube stuff will have tubes that are worth
>>>>more than the instruments.
>>>>Please don't do this. These are generally good instruments,
>>>>better than the sort of stuff most hobbyists have. Get
>>>>them, restore them, recalibrate them, and use them. I'd
>>>>much rather use an old Tekky 500 series 'scope than the
>>>>Lucky Goldstar crap that's sold over here (so called I
>>>>guess, because you're lucky if the trace bears any relation
>>>>to the signal you're measuring). Ditto for signal
>>>>generators, DMMs, etc.
>COMPLETE agreement with Tony!
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