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From: Dan Cohoe <>
Date: Thu May 20 18:18:44 2004

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> Friday weather was pretty good. Classic computer-wise I picked up
> a Heathkit ET-3400 with the Memory I/O expansion, along with all
> the manuals. Got a Heathkit EPROM programmer with one module
> (I saw the other one that Roger mentioned but thought it was too
> expensive). From the same seller I also got a Tandy Color Computer
> EDTASM cartridge and a 16K memory module for a Timex-Sinclair.
> I bought a Micro PDP-11 and borrowed the seller's hand-truck to
> get it out to my car. Right now it's in my garage -- I have no
> documentation and haven't had time yet to check it out.
> I bought four BCC52x single-board computers, with manuals and
> interface documentation. These use the 8052 BASIC language
> processor discussed on this list recently.
> I hefted a Heathkit H-47 eight-inch drive housing (no drives) back
> to the car. Quite heavy.
> I bought a TRS-80 Pocket Computer in a case with a photocopied
> manual, along with two handheld electronic games (Tandy Cycle Race
> and Tandy Championship Baseball).
> Also picked up an HP-35 calculator and AC adapter. Later I bought
> an HP-41C and 82104A card reader, both in the original boxes with
> all the manuals, along with an HP-28 and manuals. I also bought a
> whole bunch of Texas Instruments calculator repair parts, which
> happened to include a few TIL-311 LED displays.
> I met fellow list-member Dan Cohoe, who had a truck full of HP
> equipment (mostly 64000 stuff). Very nice guy, except that he's
> taking all the old HP gear up to Canada! :-)

Sounds like you did very well Dan...but on the other hand, and I really
wasn't going to torment you with this did I.

By an incredible stroke of good fortune, about mid-afternoon Friday a
gentleman walked by, stopped to take a look and offered to buy all the old
HP monitors I had on the truck. On discussing my interest in HP 1000's, he
mentioned he had qite a few.

Later he returned to organize for meeting at the parking lot with the
monitors and announced that he'd part with all his 1000 items if I was
interested in going to his warehouse closer to Cleveland. Planning to head
home that evening anyway, I followed him for three hours to load my pick-up
with HP1000 items and ...about the nicest 2100A I've seen. All in trade for
another monochrome monitor and an untested 9153B.

I'm still in shock.

Dan Cohoe
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