ADM3's Where did they go?

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu May 20 21:17:00 2004

To all who expressed interest in getting one of the ADM3's I was hoping to
pick up next weekend, I just got the e-Mail which I am attaching below. As
you can tell, I will not get getting them. I will try to contact each of the
people who sent me e-mail directly, but wanted to post initially to the list
so you would all know....



I am embarrassed to be writing this.

I made it over to my Dad's storage area today only to find NO FREAKING

There was a large amount of CLSI OEM'ed terminals (Visual Technology????
Couldn't find any info or specs on the cases) that were pulled out of other
library installations, but no AMD3s.

There was really no other explanation other than my dad saying over and over
"I could have sworn I had a bunch of these". The real problem is that I
think is is suffering from a serious hoarding disorder (I have been trying
to help him clear out his stuff) and he has so much stuff in various places
that he doesn't really know what he does and doesn't have. You would cry if
you could see the way old computer equipment is just piled up and mixed in
with alot of other junk. He probably does have some nice treasures in there
*IF* you could get at them.

I am totally sorry for wasting everybody's time and getting anybody's hopes
up. Next time I will actually be sure to see the stuff with my own eyes
before I go offering things. Live and learn.

Again, my apologies. Dave, if you could update the folks you had spoken to
and apologize to them from me I would appreciate it.

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