Nintendo GameBoy a valid discussion topic now?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu May 20 21:32:02 2004

> > Elektor magazine published a design (alas without the source code to the
> > firmware) for an audio-bandwidth digial storage 'scope card for the
> > Gameboy. No, I am not joking...
> >
> > -tony
> Actually that's kind of cool. I assume this was for the older Gameboy and
> not the GB Advanced? The newest version has a lot better screen.

I think it's for the original one, or at least the pictures in the
article show something that looks like what I think a Gameboy looks like
:-). I must admint I am not into games (the only handhled game I own is
th MB Microvisio, and I bought that (some 20 years ago) to experiment
with the LCD panel and driver).

TOPIC DRIFT, but the Microvision is on-topic.

[The driver is custom, and has 40 pins. 32 of them go to the display
(X and Y lines, 16 of each). 2 are power. The remaining 6 go to the
cartridge connector, each cartridge contains a TMS1000 microcontroller.
They seem to e 4 data lines, start, and clock. Timing is critical. At the
time I was hacking this, I didn't have a logic analyser. But I read the
TMS1000 data sheet and found you could slow the clock right down (I think
this involved soldering a cap across an existing one on the cartridge
PCB). I then hung LEDs off the 6 signals that would have gone to the LCD
driver, powered up the catridge PCB, and wrote down the LED sequence by hand.

Now why do I remember all this?

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