Sparc 10 PSU connector pinout anyone?

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu May 20 22:31:29 2004

On Tue, 18 May 2004 08:37:55 -0400
Adam Goldman <> wrote:

> Google for 800-6358-11 to find the the SPARCstation-10 service manual.
> It is a drool-proof manual but there is a pinout buried somewhere in
> the middle.
> -- Adam

By aggressive 'mining' of Sun's websites, I came up with PDF manuals of
almost all the classic Sparc machines. For whatever reason, Sun doesn't
make it very easy to find some of them. There are ways to 'land' in
directorys their Web Servers allow you to bumble into that don't appear
to be available through any reference on their site.

I can't remember the URL, and sadly it's probably forbidden for me to
just publish it all on a CD and redistribute it to people who could use
it. The PDF files are probably findable with the above part number if
you include 'pdf' as a search term as well.
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