cctalk Digest, Vol 9, Issue 38 (Was: ADM-3A)

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Fri May 21 01:18:35 2004

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> > would be-they are very common. But they even had
> > spares for my HP2644A (8008 based terminal-for
> > $250.00! But I (physically) rebuilt that tube
> myself.
> You mean you opened it up, replaced the
> cathode/heater (about the only
> part that failes), reassembled it, pumped it down,
> baked it out, etc?
> How? This is something I've never had the courage to
> try, and I don't
> have the necessary equipment -- yet!

Well, no, the problem with these CRT's is that they
have a RTV-like implosion shield between the front of
the tube and another layer of glass. Over time, the
RTV develops a mold from the edges in and the tube
looks horrible and becomes unusable. I worked up the
guts to cut between the tube and the plate with a
nichrome wire. Not recommended for the sane. I
replaced the shield with aquarium RTV at the edges.
The tube works very well now.


-Steve Loboyko

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