IBM AT Free to a Good Home

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Date: Fri May 21 06:35:44 2004

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> Scott Stevens wrote:
> > green/white/amber-screen monitors, of course. Now I can't find a 9-pin
> > mono monitor for the life of me. Bought a whole system for $3 at
> > auction last weekend after looking across the room at it because it
> > showed 'promise' of having a 9-pin mono monitor.
> I have a "Casper" brand monochrome monitor,

I used to have one of those. Had problems with ghosting. I think it got
spirited away during a garage sale. It kind of spooked me on getting another

dumped by a neighbor when
> he moved. It has a 9-pin connector on it, though only 6 pins are
> actually fitted. It does not power up, and I have nothing to drive it
> with anyhow. It is in nice physical/cosmetic condition, and is likely
> repairable. It's available for the cost of shipping to anyone who wants
> it.
> --Bill

Sheet. Good offer. :)

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