Molecular computer, and, KAYPRO 10 available, Bytes, Microcomputing

From: Stan Sieler <>
Date: Fri May 21 13:04:49 2004


A guy in the S.F. Bay Area has the following available.
I'll give the first couple of responders his contact info.

Photos of most (but not the Molecular) at

His descriptions follow....
Molecular Computer
First CP/M Multi-User where each user has their own CPU. About the size of
a two drawer file cabinet.
14" 30MB hard disk
8" Floppy drive
Each user had a Z80 4Mhz 64K with 2 serial ports
Chassis could hold 30 CPU Cards.

Included would be a couple of Televideo 925/950 Terminals.

[SS: I've had some discussions with the lead designer for Molecular ...
a very interesting computer!]

Kaypro 10
First "Transportable computer with internal 10M Bytes hard disk"
Z80 - 4Mhz
1 Floppy 5 1/4 400KB
10M Byte hard disk
CP/M 2.2
With Cloth Carrying case
Purchased in 1982 for $2,750
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