ADM3's Where did they go?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Fri May 21 19:09:30 2004

Well, I ~may~ have a blue one for sale at VCF East...

Only we've never heard back after leaving phone messages about registering
as a vendor!

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>On Thu, 20 May 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:
>>To all who expressed interest in getting one of the ADM3's I was hoping to
>>pick up next weekend, I just got the e-Mail which I am attaching below. As
>>you can tell, I will not get getting them. I will try to contact each of the
>>people who sent me e-mail directly, but wanted to post initially to the list
>>so you would all know....
>Ok, the scarcity of ADM3's has just jumped due to this. They are now
>worth $150 each.
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