Teletype Model 28 Tacoma Washington.

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri May 21 18:51:51 2004

> Yes -- three rows of keys rather than four on the keyboard, that's the
> giveway. (It doesn't necessarily work that way on other company's
> products, but Teletype's 5 bit machines have 3 row keyboards.)

Older Creeds have 3-row keyboards, in fact the Murray code has the
characters assigned so that the Figs shift of QWERTYUIOP are 1-0 in
order, if you see what I mean.

Later Creeds, like the famous 444, have 4-row keyboards with a mechanical
blocking arrangement so you can only press those keys for the shift (LETs
or FIGs) that the machine thinks it's currently in.

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