Slightly OT: Components I don't need

From: vrs <>
Date: Fri May 21 20:02:52 2004

> > I recently inherited a bunch of TTL and such from a list member (thanks,
> > Zane!), and after going through it all, I find there are several items
> > I don't know how to, or otherwise can't, use them. These are basically
> > to a good home (postage would be good). Many of them look like they
> One word of warning. A few of thos chips (it's obvious which ones) were
> classed as 'munitions' and can't legally be exported from teh States
> without the right paperwork. I assume this is still the case.

Those are the ones with the most interest, too :-)! Actually I have only
heard from one party so far, and he happened to want those, and others.

Still have about half the original pile with no takers, though.

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