What the best to repair battery contacts

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Date: Sat May 22 08:08:09 2004

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>> Clean them them with Lime-Away (full strength). Wash with with plain
>> water and dry. Then solder on copper or nickel plated brass or steel
>> sheet to form new contacts.
>> Joe
>> At 10:46 AM 5/21/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> >I have several items (calculators, robots, Mac's, etc) that I'm
>> >trying to restore and the battery acid has eaten away the battery
>> >contacts. Anyone have a easy way or source to get new contacts to
>> >replace the damaged ones? Thanks
>> >
>> >
>If you need contacts that are 'springy' you would be better off using
>phosphor-bronze contacts salvaged off something else.

  If it uses a springy contact, that's true. It all depends on what kind of
contact it had. Most of the ones that I work on are flat and backed up by a
plastic wall. BTW i found that the disposable cameras are a good source of
the springy contacts. They look like brass but are springier. I have a
friend that works in a photo shop and he gives me all the cameras that I
want. They're a great source of batteries! And they use some surprisingly
good parts in them. BTW I found that the local surplus store has some of
little curly pointed springs that are made of silver plated steel. I bought
a couple of hundred of them. They have a "tail" on the big end that sticks
straight out to the side and they're easy to solder to or to reshape to fit
into battery compartments. I made hundreds of springs sets for the HP-41
battery holders by soldering two of them together.


 You can steal
>them from a junk transistor radio or other portable equipment. Ordinary
>steel, copper, or brass won't retain shape for long. I used to do 'drop
>tests' on medical devices with battery compartments earlier in life.
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