Dayton Hamvention (slight return)

From: Mark Kahrs <>
Date: Sat May 22 13:33:07 2004

To paraphrase my friend Bob: "It ain't Dayton if it don't rain". Friday was
the best day in my 3 years of going. I do recall seeing a SPARC 5 on
basically standing in a puddle. I saw several SPARCStations around
as well as a Netra T1. Oh yes, a PILE of Data General multiprocessor
386 RAIDs (was this their last machine?). List price was $75 each.
If you wanted soldering stuff, this was the year to go, lots of different
irons and tips. Last year there was an oversupply of cables; I didn't
see that this year. And lots of small capacity disks everywhere.

At least it was warmer this year than last but the rain makes it difficult
just because everything is covered.

I'll go next year just because it's fun to see what's there.
And to see how the maxim "One man's junk is another man's treasure" applies...
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