poormans transputer

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <rmeenaks_at_olf.com>
Date: Sun May 23 07:51:19 2004

If you had a tranny, what would you do with it? There is now OCCAM for
Linux (KrOC) and it comes with CCSP with the same API that INMOS used in
their C compiler for the transputer. So, you have a full development system
there for a single transputer....


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I found a specialix si/xio multi serial port controler, sadly without the
cables and actual link modules, it uses a ST t225 tranputer along with 64kb
As I looked at the linux software for it, it seems as I could upload a small
program to it and make it run, Anyone tried such a thing ?

While it might be a waste of good I/O card, without those external modules
it aint much good, might as well have som fun with it.

Would anyone happen to have drivers for a Newport system solutions inc. isa
serial card, its a full length card using a nec v50.
For this card I have everything except the drivers, Newport system is part
of Cisco now, but their site doesnt hold much infomation about their old

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