Qwint Systems?

From: Loboyko Steve <sloboyko_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun May 23 16:58:06 2004

Can anybody tell me anything about these? Found a
little something I
thought was word processor, but it actually looks like
some sort of
serial terminal using 80 column paper for output vs. a
CRT. Very compact,
kind of a neat looking little package. Googling has
come up dry.....

What you probably have is a Qwint 740 or 780 (I'd have
to see it to know what model). It was the smallest
plain paper teletype replacement probably ever built.
I worked there at Qwint (formerly Martin Research of
1970's MIKE 8008/8080 fame) between '84-85; I wrote
the service manual (which I think I still have). It's
a very sophisticated machine-don't let the size or
apparent simplicity fool you; it uses a Z-80 with bank
switching! It is possible to reink the ink cartridge
via the old WD-40 trick; don't lose it because they
are made of unobtanium. The company was bought by
Zebra (who makes the thermal bar code printers),
mostly for IP (intellectual property).

-Steve Loboyko

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