Encore Annex ANN 02 Terminal Server

From: Nickolas Falkner <jnick_at_cs.adelaide.edu.au>
Date: Sun May 23 21:45:36 2004


I've saved two annexes from going into the 'dead machine' skip but
haven't managed to talk to either of them yet. I'm planning to use them
to give me console access to the two DEC workstation clusters that I'm
building as a student research distributed systems test bed.

I saw some mail on an Annex 3 but there is no 'Test' button on an Annex
2 - just a Normal/Diag switch and a reset button.

I've tried powering on with the switch in diag and normal and terminal
connected at 9600,4800,2400 and 1200 (all N-8-1) but, so far, no joy.

Does anyone have any information on this model?

-- Nick Falkner
-- PhD Student
-- Distributed and High Performance Computing Group
-- The University of Adelaide
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