DEC manuals/tapes available

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Date: Mon May 24 06:26:20 2004

I'm trying to stick with 8 stuff so am forarding this on to the list.

Contact and indicate if you will be scanning/making
stuff available to help him decide who get it.

>I have a bunch of old dec stuff (vax type) to dispose of from work. Lots
>of software distribution tapes etc, some manuals (no real hardware except
>for some common boards like mv2 stuff...) Do you know of anyone who uses
>these in "living" collections? (who might be interested in scanning some
>of the manuals etc)
>I think i might have some/all of the boot floppies for a 8500 console,
>some 8200 manuals, mv manuals, I might have an emulex dhq clone manual,
>I might have an emulex smd controller manual, that kinda stuff.
>I can take an inventory and let you know.. It seems a waste to trash all
>of this stuff.
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