Encore Annex ANN 02 Terminal Server

From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Mon May 24 11:36:49 2004

I have 2 .tar.Z files of annex software:


I was able to successfully run my annex3 with one of these...don't remember
which, it was a while ago, and I've not had a chance to use the annex3 since
determining it works. I have enough serial console machines that I'm planning
on using it Any Day Now, though :)

If you contact me off-list I'd be happy to send these to you.

Patrick Finnegan said:
> On Monday 24 May 2004 06:15, Brad Parker wrote:
> > Nickolas Falkner wrote:
> > >I've tried powering on with the switch in diag and normal and
> > > terminal connected at 9600,4800,2400 and 1200 (all N-8-1) but, so
> > > far, no joy.
> >
> > As I recall, dimly, it probably wants to boot over the network using
> > a xylogics proprietary protocol. I don't remember if that one would
> > tftp, but I don't think so.
> >
> > I think you'll need the annex software to talk to it and configure it
> > over ethernet. I'd think that would be reasonably easy to fine
> > (heh).
> I've given up looking for mine. The software seems to be basically
> impossible to find. I think I found a guy via Google who claimed to
> have software for an Annex 1, but he never got back to me about it.
> Pat
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