PDP-11/23 (free)

From: David Betz <dbetz_at_xlisper.mv.com>
Date: Mon May 24 16:56:07 2004

Ken was nice enough to give me this machine. I picked it up today. Here
is what was included:

PDP-11/23 with dual RX02 floppy drives containing the following cards:

M8186 (KDF11)
M8044-DF (memory)
M8029 (RX02 controller)
2 x M8047-CA (serial interfaces, memory)

Also included were the following cards:

3 x M8186 (KDF11)
4 x M8047-CA

None of the KDF11 CPUs had the FPU chip. They all have the MMU.

I removed all of the cards and tried powering up the backplane. The
power light didn't come on and there was little or no voltage on the
backplane power connector. The unit came with an extra power supply so
I swapped the supplies. I now get the following voltages:

+12 measures at 11.21 volts
+5 measures at 5.03 volts
-12 measures at -5.83 volts

Should this power supply produce the correct voltages with no load on
the backplane? Any idea as to why the -12 voltage is off by so much. I
assume this is a problem. I haven't tried plugging any of the cards
back in because I'm afraid the wrong voltages will fry something. Can
anyone suggest how to proceed?

I also got a LA-180 printer and a VT100 with the VT125 upgrade. Is
anyone interested in either of these? They're really too big to ship so
it would have to be pickup in Bedford, NH.

In addition to the hardware, I got documentation for RT-11 V4 and
RSX-11M. I already have documentation for RT-11 and don't need the
RSX-11M documentation. Would anyone be interested in either of these
sets of manuals. They aren't in great shape but they are certainly
readable. Mostly, they're dusty.

On May 12, 2004, at 11:32 AM, <ken.rauhala_at_nokia.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> This was my home PC before the days of IBM PC and Microsoft.
> It goes back to late 1970's and early 1980's.
> Comes with RT-11 operating system on RX02 floopies, manuals,
> printer, and VT100 terminal.
> Located in Merrimack NH.
> I'm not on this mail list so reply to me directly or call.
> Ken Rauhala +1 781 993 4626
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