Chicago Test equipment sale???

From: Dan Veeneman <>
Date: Mon May 24 21:43:06 2004

At 01:18 PM 5/24/04, you wrote:
>Anyone go to the Chicago test equipment sale?

I did, and ended up running into Jack Rubin. I don't know
if any other list members managed to attend.

> Can you please post a report.

The sale was at a self-storage facility in suburban Chicago.
I flew in Saturday morning and met up with a friend who
lives nearby. Although the sale was listed to start at 9:00 am
we found it was already underway when we showed up at 8:30 am.

The equipment had originally been owned by a man who collected
and repaired test equipment. The current co-owners were simply
trying to clear out the three 10-foot by 25-foot storage lockers (two
very nice, accommodating sellers, by the way).

I hesitate to post the following list, but since you asked...

Although the majority of the items were specialized test equipment of
one sort or another, I ended up buying the following Hewlett-Packard
computing equipment:

HP 3000 Model 226 Computer

HP 85 Computer
HP 87 Computer

HP 9100A Calculator (with top-mounted printer)
HP 9100B Calculator (with top-mounted printer and cover)
HP 9101A Memory Expansion

HP 9121 Dual Disk Drive

HP 9810A Calculator
HP 9820A Calculator (quantity 2)
HP 9821A Calculator

HP 9825A Calculator/Computer
HP 9825B Calculator/Computer

HP 9826 Computer (quantity 2)

HP 9878A Expansion Unit

HP 9915 Computer (unfortunately no keyboard)

Along with these machines I bought five boxes of manuals and another
box full of interface modules and cables. Also got a couple of counters,
namely a HP 5246L and an old Non-Linear Systems unit with some neat
edge-lit displays.

I spent the rest of the day storing this equipment in Illinois and will
end up transporting back east later this summer. I did not have a chance
to test any of it before I flew back early Sunday morning.

I had to pass on some HP 9862 plotters, since my friend's car was
already full to overflowing.

While I was busy with the HP equipment, Jack managed to find
an MMD-2, some sealed 8-inch diskettes and a whole bunch of
integrated circuits in anti-static tubes. I know he bought some
other items besides those, but he can certainly speak for himself.


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