poormans transputer

From: Jacob Dahl Pind <rachael_at_rachael.dyndns.org>
Date: Mon May 24 16:34:54 2004

on 23-May-04 23:33:03, Kelly Leavitt wrote:
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>> Subject: poormans transputer
>> I found a specialix si/xio multi serial port controler, sadly without
>> the cables and actual link modules...
>I have several of the interface boxes available (8 port ones). I don't have
>spare cables though. Where are you located? Note that you should never plug
>these in or unplg them with the power on. It would be a "very bad thing".
>I'm speaking from experience here.

I`m in Denmark, but I think it might be alot cheaper to find a new multi port
serial card, than trying to track down some illusive cable for it. I`ll just
have to make sure first that I actual can find drives for it, unlike that
Newport system solutions card.

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