PDP11/04 DL11 Console Emulator woes..

From: wai-sun chia <squidster_at_techie.com>
Date: Tue May 25 10:22:15 2004

I have been playing with my recently acquired PDP11/04 (BA11-L) and restoration has been going quite well (anybody who needs hints on how to convert a H777-CA/115V to a H777-CB/240V, please give me a ping).

The console device is a DL11-W/M7856 which came with a 20mA (orginal console was a TTY), which I don't have. BTW, the bootstrap device is M7312. Therefore, I proceeded to make my own EIA cable from the DL11 manual so that I can use my VT320. I made a standard null modem configuration (BERG-DB25F) and made the necessary 9600/8N1 jumper changes to the DL11-W...

The result is that I can get into the console emulator no problem and get the "_at_" prompt. But the problem is that the console doesn't seem to recognize any of my inputs; i.e. I can simply type anything and it doesn't response.

I seem to be receiving data fine, but looks like whatever I transmit from my VT the DL11 doesn't seem to grok/respond.

Any clues?

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