for sale etiquette?

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue May 25 15:29:06 2004

On Tue, 25 May 2004, Damien Cymbal wrote:

> What is the view of folks posting items for sale on the list?
> I've posted forsale items to the list before, but recently I've been putting
> more free items and some auctions up on VCM so I am hesitant to re-post
> them here and turn this into a SPAM fest. Then again, I'd like to get as
> wide an audience as possible. Do most readers of the list also frequent VCM
> (my guess is a definite maybe)?
> What if VCM posted a summary of all new items received for sale/auction at
> the end of each day? That would only add 1 msg to the list that people
> could quickly kill if they weren't interested but would insure available
> stuff was getting as wide an audience as possible for those people that
> don't frequent VCM regularly.

Patrick and I were considering this but as long as folks know that the VCM
exists then there's no reason to annoy the list with VCM listings. The
VCM has a "latest postings" feature so as long as you visit it every day
or so (at the current rate of new listings) then you'll be able to catch
anything new that gets posted.

If you do list something to the VCM, a simple note to the list that you've
done so is not out of line with what people have traditionally done when
they put something up for sale or auction.

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