for sale etiquette?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue May 25 18:06:35 2004

> > What is the view of folks posting items for sale on the list?
> I am in favour of it, for what that may be worth - at least assuming
> the item is on-topic, or at least topic-appropriate; "I have a 1992
> Ford Mustang to sell" would, I think, be a bit much. :-)

The original charter of this list allowed for-sale and wanted adverts for
things on-topic on this list (classic computers, software, repair parts,
manuals, etc). I don't see why this should change.

I think that you should be sensible. Posting the same advert every day
(or even every wwek) is going to be frowned-on, even if it is on-topic.
But certainly a 1-off posting of the form 'I have a pile of PDP11 spares
available to anyone who will collect them' is going to be appreciated.

> > Do most readers of the list also frequent VCM (my guess is a definite
> > maybe)?
> That would be my own guess too. :-) I don't, but I suspect I am
> exceptional in this respect.

I don't look at the VCM either.

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